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CCTV can provide instant alerts when trouble occurs, ensuring that crime against people, theft and vandalism are all substantially reduced. And when crime does occur, CCTV incident recording can provide valuable evidence, improving the likelihood of a conviction.

CCTV technology can be used in both internal and external environments to watch over and protect people, property, vehicles and valuables.

CCTV is considered to be the most effective method of reducing crime (“British Chambers of Commerce Business Crime Survey”) CCTV is now considered crucial in both crime prevention and detection.

The applications of CCTV systems are increasingly incorporated in home security and commercial security systems, staff surveillance, anti-theft surveillance and access control surveillance. This approach provides the users with ultimate deterrent that is both visible and effective.

Digital Solutions offer a range of CCTV systems from basic CCTV observation systems, home CCTV to complex security camera systems for home and business security.

Our Digital CCTV enables non-stop recording on hard drives, higher image quality and 24 hour remote monitoring when linked to Alarm Monitoring Centre, plus remote viewing of images via the Internet from anywhere in the world.

With our home CCTV systems, images are stored digitally, so you never have to worry about forgetting to change a tape. Cameras sense movement and so record only when necessary to give longer recording times. You may even decide to link up to your broadband connection, so you can see what's happening while you are away. With the latest 3G phones and text messaging you can be alerted while you are on the move and then view images from your mobile!

Your home can be watched over 24 hours a day - literally. CCTV Cameras and Equipment Our Cameras and CCTV equipment are of exceptionally good quality and value. Our Cameras give a true and clear image. Our colour night vision outdoor cameras give a colour picture by day and a luminous black and white picture in pitch darkness. This is achieved by an array of special Infra-red LEDs.

Our high quality DVRs give recording times up to 6 months - with images stored on hard-drive. No tapes are used. All our CCTV products come with at Least a 12 month guarantee.


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