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Home distribution systems

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Digital Solutions provide commercial solutions to the whole communal sector; from agents that have hundreds of properties in there portfolio’s to sole landlords looking to convert their existing aerial system to a digital system.

Integrated Reception Service or as they are known in the industry as "IRS" are ideal for property developers, managing agents and businesses who wish to provide full viewing facilities throughout new or existing developments, commercial or residential.

An IRS system can service each apartment or commercial office/shop with full media services. Digital and satellite reception, including European satellite signals can be ready to be received in each dwelling.

Benefits of an IRS system, is that you are providing solutions so your residents don't install their own satellite or aerial system. This keeps "dish farms" from being installed to properties making exteriors look ugly!

  • 1 Dish 1 Aerial to feed the whole block.
  • 4-5-7-9-13 wire systems repaired and installed
  • Cascade systems repaired and serviced
  • Neat tidy cables on properties
  • Fully insured to £10m
  • CSS for all engineers
  • Method statements and risk assessments for all commercial jobs

Our engineers have been installing and servicing IRS systems for many years and have full CRB back ground checks for our customer’s safety.

All of these signals are then distributed to a 3 socket wall outlet plate in the main rooms, leaving the entire home digital ready!

The cables are screened from electrical interference so the system can deliver all available TV channels to the resident, including both analogue, digital terrestrial, digital satellite and even the sought after SKY + service. Because the IRS solution means that your housing association does not have to favour one particular provider of TV programming, leaving the choice to the customer

An IRS system is completely customizable and tailored to your individual requirements,
allowing residents to inspect the door entry system from either their existing TV’s or a door entry phone/monitor usually located within the hallway or lounge.

Digital Solutions can also incorporate hard drive CCTV security camera systems, allowing the storage of images for possible review in the future, should something happen, thus giving property managers, and residents piece of mind.

Please contact our team on Free phone 01229 868188 to discuss your requirements further.


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