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Looking to watch your TV, Satellite or DVD anywhere in your property? If so, a Home Distribution System could be the answer!

A multiroom system can be completely customised and tailored to suit your viewing requirements, and allow each digital television in the home to view programs independently of each other. You can also 'playback' what you are watching to another TV, which is ideal if you don't wish to purchase a separate DVD or Satellite receiver for every room in your home.

A multiroom system can be fully configured with any digital home entertainment system, allowing each room in your property to receive and enjoy any digital aerial or satellite TV system you currently have installed.

With the use of infrared emitters, you can control your TV Channel, DVD player and DAB Digital Radio stations from any room in your home, and with the integration of further digital television set top boxes, you can also free your home of fights over the TV remote, being able to watch more than TV one channel in your home at the same time.

Digital Solutions discreetly install each custom built multiroom system to your home and your specification. One of our multiroom installation engineers can call on you to discuss your needs, and provide expert advice on your TV viewing requirements. Our installation engineers can also provide the installation of a digital TV aerial or satellite TV system, to complement your multiroom installation, and to maximise your home entertainment.

Multiroom can be fully installed and configured to use the latest home viewing digital services, such as Freeview digital television, Freesat & Freesat HD, Sky, Sky+, Sky HD  and a range of european digital satellite systems.

Home Security Systems with Multi Room

By installing a Home Security CCTV System, we can help you to protect your family and home from undesirable visitors.

Installing CCTV cameras in and around your property will help to deter any persons that are unwanted by the cameras very presence alone. Your CCTV home security system can also be connected into your Multiroom system & viewed on your TVs.

Multi-switch Systems

The Multi-switch System only requires a single satellite dish to be fitted allowing as many Freeview, Freeview HD, Freesat HD and SKY HD boxes to be installed in the home.

When homes are built or even modernised little thought is given to the Aerial system that will serve the home with signal. If it is, the home in most cases ends up with an Aerial distribution system that feeds TV Aerial signals only. Visual entertainment has changed and provided us with more ways that we can imagine to receive all this entertainment. But little as changed in the way an installation is installed in the home, because most of the work is carried out by Builders or Electricians who are not aware of new Integrated Systems that can provide the home with far more than just a signal from the TV Aerial.

Integrated Reception Systems are installed just like the old TV aerial only distribution systems but with components that can provide the whole of the home with a combined signal from TV Aerial, Satellite, DAB Radio, FM Radio and CCTV allowing everyone to have the freedom of viewing from any source that is connected to the system. Every outlet would be able to receive its own supply of combined signals allowing TV’s to receive signals for SKY HD Freesat HD and Freeview HD and be installed anywhere around the home.

An advantage of this system is once installed, whatever you choice of viewing pleasure will be provided for by the system. Primarily designed for Flats and apartment buildings these systems installed correctly will future proof your home.

We can also wirelessly send HD signals around your property with no loss of quality!

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